Your best friend dating your ex boyfriend

Using those principles, we can devise a few steps to get you out of the friend zone:1) Be Less Interested - The relationship is already imbalanced because you value it more than the other person. So, be less interested and ready to walk away if you don't get the relationship you want.

Those who are more willing to walk away have the power to guide the relationship (called the "Least Interested Principle" - Waller & Hill, 1951).2) Make Yourself Scarce - Spend some time away from your "friend" and do less for them.

Channel Seven has cast two former couples for a crazy new reality series titled 'Back With Your Ex.'Sydney-based Lauren will be one of the four contestants to star in the series, explaining to News Corp this week she believes her former flame Erik must have 'matured' by now.

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Fortunately, there are a few influence principles that do indeed balance the scales. Desperate people end up with what others give them, not what they want.

If it doesn't, then they are just "not that into you"..don't value you.

In that case, find another "friend".3) Create Some Competition - Go out and make some other "friends" of the sex you are attracted to. Then, talk about these new friends with the friend you desire.

friends-with-benefits), but there is a motivation to transition into a "relationship" as a committed girlfriend or boyfriend. Nevertheless, in any case, wanting more than you are currently getting is a heart-wrenching situation. Before I help you get out of the friend zone, we first need to discuss why people get stuck there in the first place.

Essentially, all relationships are social exchanges (for more, see here).

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